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This impressive tour will give you chance to explore of beautiful National parks such as Terelj National Park, Khustai National park and Gun galuut nature reserve in short duration. The tour includes the harmonized complex of high mountains, steppes, rivers, lakes and wetlands as well are kept enough as its original condition of Gun Galuut Nature reserve, historical site of Tsonjinboldog or Chinggis khaan statue complex, Khustai NAtional park, home of wild horse - Takhi and scenery Terelj National park.


Day 1. Drive to Gun-Galuut, state combined from diversity of ecosystem although it owns comparatively small area. There are many nationally and globally threatened species in the NR. For instance, Argali Wild Mountain Sheep, Siberian White Crane, White-naped Crane, Hooded Crane, Red Falcon, Black Vulture and Swan Goose are globally threatened and listed in the IUCN Red List. Also there are nationally threatened species such as Whooper Swan, Black Stork, Great White Egret, Bar-Headed Goose, Bearded Vulture and Eurasian Penduline. Ger camp. Meal:L,D
Day 2. Short drive to Terelj National Park,lying in the valley of the Terelj river 80 km northeast of Ulaanbaatar, Terelj national park has long been a holiday resort for people from the capital and short – stay tourists. It is one of the most visited areas in Mongolia due to its magnificent scenery and its proximity to Ulaanbaatar. There are great opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, swimming, rafting and riding. In winter frozen rivers provide skating and snow-covered valleys are ideal for cross- country skiing and dog-sledge. On the way stop for Chinggis Khan statue complex which is the tallest horseback statue in the world. Ger camp. Meal:B,L,D 
Day 3. Drive to Ugii, one of the fresh water lake in Mongolia. This is good place for fishing and seeing birds such as cranes, ducks, goose and swans in April. Leisure and walking along the shore of the lake. Ger camp. Meal:B,L,D
Day 4. Kharkhorin was established in 1220 and existed for 140 years and the capital of Mongol Empire for 32 years. The first Buddhist monastery Erdene zuu -was built in 1586 by remains of Kharakhorum city. Erdenezuu monastery was surrounded by a fortress wall which has 108 stupas. We will visit to temple complex at the monastery and historical museum of ancient capital. Ger camp. Meal:B,L,D
Day 5. Drive to Elsen tasarkhai sand dune - Khognokhan mountain Nature reserve for 280kms. Afternoon upon arrival in the area. After lunch at ger camp you will be invited to nomad family to taste nomadic drinks and dairy products. Then you will have short camel riding experience to sand dunes. Ger camp. Meal:B,L,D
Day 6. Drive to Khustai National park which is lying in 85km from Ulaanbaatar. Unique wild horse – Takhi was reintroduced at the national park in 1992. As the successful implementation of this project today there are over 350 takhi in the park. Birch forest, mountain steppe, sand dunes, fresh cool springs, rocks formed like steps and elms and various of wild animals such as Red deer, white tailed gazelles, marmots, badgers, Roe deer, wild sheep and other wild animals awaits you. Ger camp. Meal:B,L,D
Day 7. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Shopping and Mongolian traditional cultural performance show. Dinner at Mongolian barbeque. Hotel. Meal:B,L,D

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Group size Price / Per Person
2 paxEu 950
3-4 paxEu 790
5-9 paxEu 690


INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE:                                                                      NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE:

check.jpg Hotel****                                                                                      x-button.png International airfare

check.jpg Ger camps                                                                                     x-button.png Personal equipments
check.jpg Full board meals                                                                           x-button.png Single supplement 
check.jpg Guiding service                                                                             x-button.png Alcoholic drinks
check.jpg 4x4 minivan or jeep
check.jpg Entrance fees to protected areas 
check.jpg Museums and cultural performance

check.jpg 1botlled water per day

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