Visa information

There are 13 different types of Mongolian visa issued to foreign citizens by Mongolian authorized organizations to enable them to enter Mongolia on different purposes.

Mongolian visa is not required for the citizens of below listed foreign countries and regions to visit Mongolia on basis of the passport type, purpose and duration of the visit in accordance with the Bilateral Agreement of Mongolia with those countries. Please see the below list to check out your eligibility for non visa regime. All the other citizens of foreign countries that not listed below are required to obtain appropriate visa to visit Mongolia.

Country  Diplomatic and Official passport holders Ordinary passport holders
1 USA Not required up to 90 days or multiple entry-exit visa is required for duration of 2-10 years.
2 China Not required  Required 
3 Malaysia Not required for up to 30 days 
4 Israel
5 Cuba
6 Thailand
7 Philippines Not required for up to 21 days
8 Singapore Not required for up to 14 days
9 Hong Kong
10 Macao Not required for up to 90 days
11 Kazakhstan   
12 Azerbaijan
13 Turkmenistan 
14 Ukraine
15 Georgia
16 Belarus
17 Kirgizstan
18 Moldivia
19 Tajikistan
20 Russia Not required for up to 90 days Required
21 India
22 Vietnam
23 Czech
24 Slovakia
25 Brazil
26 Yugoslavia
27 Mexico
28 Chile
29 North Korea
30 Laos Not required for up to 30 days
31 Turkey Not required for up to 30 days Required
32 South Korea
33 Bulgaria
34 Romania
35 Hungary
36 Indonesia Not required for up to 14 days


The following materials are required to obtain the Mongolian visa: 

1. Invitation from Mongolia

2. Passport with a validity date at least six months beyond the end of the applications intended period of stay in Mongolia

3. Completed visa Application Form for Tourists with one passport size photo

4. Visa fee

5. Transit visa processing requires visa for next destination, copy of onward ticket